Third Eyes Open

Heaven Is A State Of Consciousness

Book Prologue

“To be a Christian indeed, you must lay aside the use of your minds altogether. For the facts of the gospel are of such a mysterious nature,……..You may believe that it is true – you may make believe that it is true – you may say that it is true – you may swear that it is true: but the moment you begin to think that it is true, you will find yourself within half an inch of thinking that it is false.”

Robert Taylor


As it has been said, facts, without an iota of doubt, are stronger than argument, more profound than reason, more dependable than opinion, silences disputes, supersedes predictions, and facts always, always end the argument, except for when you’re debating Catholics, Masons, Judaism, Agnostics, Creators, Pentecostal, Islamic, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christians, Baptist, Orthodox, Hebrew Israelites, Latter-Day Saints, Five-Percenters, Evangelicals etc. about the existence of their God! I continue to tell all of you that trying to convince me your God exists is like trying to extract blood from a jellyfish, it’s simply not going to happen!

You merely don’t possess the intelligence, knowledge and wisdom to do so because the truth of the matter is simply this people, and please excuse the bluntness, the more you try to logically convince me your God exists, the more idiotic you sound.

Your infantile fear tactics and name calling, i.e. you’re going to hell and burn in the lake of fire (a fire the size of a lake burning underground?!), for all eternity and you’re the devil (why? because I refuse to “blindly” accept your claim of the existence of a God?!), simply doesn’t have the slightest effect of encouraging me to embrace your belief system. Nor does your equally infantile teachings of one going to live beyond the sky upon death in a place known as heaven, fully equipped with toys, mansions, cars, flat-screen TVs, and streets paved with solid gold.

In conjunction with the aforementioned, not only do I find it hilarious, infantile, and bias, but I also find it very convenient (as you obviously do) for you to have all the options of:

1. Informing me of your God’s existence whenever you feel to do so!

2. Regulating the rules as to why your God isn’t obligated to present himself personally on your behalf to confirm you claim of his existence!

3. Proving your God exist based on your standard of proof instead of my standard of proof! Your standard of proof “simply protects” your faith and beliefs and therefore, proves absolutely nothing to me!

4. Deducing your reasoning to “faith” when challenged logically and intelligently!*

* Questions: Why is it that when you’re “explaining” your God’s existence to me it’s a “fact” that he exist. But when I call you a “liar” and ask that you “summon” your God to “present” himself personally and “confirm” your claim of his existence, you deduce your childish, barbaric and primitive ass reasoning to “faith?”

If you know for a fact that your God truly exists, then what is the purpose of faith? I ask you, just as I asked my Sunday school teacher at the tender age of seven (and this is the question that got me banned from the church mind you); what the fuck does my faith, have to do with the fact, that the bullshit you’re teaching me about your God’s existence doesn’t make the least bit of sense? But anyway,

Analyzing these rationales, not only is every single aspect for the existence of your God set up in “you favor,” but it’s profound and obvious to me you have learned from your “mistake” of not having a full proof set up to protect your “belief” that “Santa Clause (remember him?) existed” at one point in your life. With this set up, your “belief” that a “god exist” is well protected and preserved. Job well done!

I also find it extremely hilarious that you simply can’t fathom (no matter how obvious) the difference between an opinion and a fact.

Case and Point:

1. You inform me your God is the creator of all things in existence. He’s sitting on a throne in heaven (where he’s been sitting ever since the inception of organized religion; your God was homeless before the inception of organized religion) and he possesses omnipotent, omniscience, and omnipresent qualities as well.

I inform you that you are lying of the existence of your God. Summon your God to present himself to me personally and confirm your claim of his existence (my standard of proof).*

You can’t successfully summon your God to present himself personally, however, according to your logic, reason and rationale, it’s not a fact you can’t summon your God to present himself personally, it’s my opinion you can’t summon your God to present himself personally.

* I find it very suspicious and idiotic that your God would have human beings promoting his existence, literally “talks” to them, “answer their prayers” and simply refuse to “answer their request” to present himself personally to confirm their claim of his existence! But anyway,

2. Jesus claims that his followers will do the same things he has done. He even goes as far as making the idiotic claim that his followers will do even greater things than he!

John 14:12-14 (NASB) “I tell you the truth.* The person that believes in me will do the “same things” I have done. Yes! He will do even “greater things” than I have done. Why? Because I am going to the Father. And if you ask for anything in my name, I will do it for you. Then the Father’s glory will be shown through the Son. If you ask me for anything in my name, I will do it.”

I ask you to walk on water (Jesus supposingly did it), raise Jimi Hendrix from the dead (Jesus supposingly did this also), and pray for world peace to take place immediately (obviously Jesus didn’t accomplished this heroic deed, but according to his idiotic claim, you can!). You can’t successfully perform any of the above (in the name of Jesus mind you), however, according to your logic, reason and rationale, it’s not a fact you can’t perform any of them; it’s my opinion you can’t perform any of them!

* Note here: How is Jesus telling the “truth” if you “can’t” perform any of the above in his name? It’s profound and obvious he’s “lying!”

3. Mark 16: 17-18 (NASB)

And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.

I ask you to gulp down a 24 oz. frosty cyanide milk shake to show me just how strong your faith in Jesus really is, you copout faster than the speed of light and sum it up as metaphorical, a parable, or taken out of context.* However, according to your logic, reason and rationale, it’s not a fact you didn’t successfully drink the frosty cyanide milk shake and survived as Jesus so ignorantly claims you would, it’s my opinion you didn’t drink it!

An afterthought: Are you in cahoots with doctors? Why on Mother Green Earth are hospitals around the planet filled with sick people?

Now, if Jesus existed as a historical being or your God in the flesh as you claim, and he specifically informs me what believers in his name can undoubtedly perform (according to the teachings of your bible mind you) to show me that they are his true followers, then you should be ready, willing and able to perform and confirm his claims to prove that he is not lying. If you can’t perform any of his specific claims “believers,” then it’s profound and obvious to me that Jesus set your ass up for being an idiot for listening and following him or you’re not a true follower of Jesus! But anyway,

* Note Here: It’s profound and obvious to me that these are the exact same lame ass excuses you “always” give when you know for a fact you can’t:

1. Intelligently, logically and wisely defend the idiotic teachings of the bible.

2. You can’t successfully perform the idiotic heroic deeds Jesus that claims you can perform!

Well I guess you have to protect your faith and beliefs of the existence of your God and Jesus by any and all means necessary huh? As for me people, contrary to your thinking process, logic, reason and facts are far more important to me than faith and beliefs and therefore, if your God wants me to worship him, common sense should inform him to present himself to me personally and converse with me about it. Don’t send someone else to me to do it for him (totally ignorant of him from my position and point of view), I have to “personally” experience the existence of a God before I can worship one.

And when I say “personally,” I mean peel his ass from his throne and confront me face to face, not by way of the rituals of the church of praying, asking, begging, feeling the presence of God, sending me a sign, appearing to me in a damn dream or any of the other intangible forms of communications you use to justify your belief in the existence of your God. Hell, for all I know it could be your “Devil” mimicking your God since he was intelligent enough to outwit your God and destroy his perfect creation as people of faith and beliefs so often remind me.

I acknowledge my writings are extremely pejorative, controversial and will cause some vexation for most, (if not all) of those who read them and are sensitive to those of us who oppose their religious beliefs. For what it’s worth, I truly apologize for such discomfort.

However, my writings reflect my unique feelings and thoughts of those of you who continue to insult my intelligence and present to me the controversial hypothesis of the existence of your God. Now, I’m well aware of the fact that there are believers who conform to the teachings of their religious denomination regardless of what I or anyone else thinks. Acknowledge your decision as a personal choice and respect those who conform to their personal beliefs; I have the utmost respect for you all. This is due to the simple fact that you have the “intelligence” to realize that your “personal belief” applies to you and no one else. Unfortunately, there are those amongst you who are far too ignorant to follow your lead.

I’ve been planning to write this book even before I fused with and fertilized the egg in my mother’s womb believers. In other words people, I’ve been itching to write this book ever since I was residing in my father’s nuts.

I wrote this book specifically for you so called “pompously just” bible thumpers (the “holy rollers” as Cynthia Bush, a Christian and friend, calls you), who merely can’t comprehend that I simply don’t care what your God advised you to tell me. If I continue to inform you, I’m in conformity with the wisdom, knowledge and teachings of my ancient ancestors, the evolutionary process and science and don’t care about your God and his message. Common sense should inform you to advise your God that he has to present the message to me himself because I feel that you are lying.

It’s profound and obvious to me that you and your God have a two-way communication system set up, your God answers your prayers correct? Then why is this basic concept so hard for you all to figure out? This is just one example of your ignorance you all continue to display to me.

I read your God’s book from cover to cover, did research on it (enjoyed every minute of it!) as well, and this book is the result of my years of hard work and your constant display of ignorance. I was raised in a Christian household, so naturally this is the religious denomination I decided to do research on. However, since all religious organizations, for the most part, are based on the principles of faith and belief in the existence of a god, your particular religious organization presents nothing new to me.

My writings are not intended to try and convince you that your God doesn’t exist. Not only is it frivolous, but foolish of me to even think about it since, as I have come to realize over the many years of debating with you all, according to your train of thought, your faith and beliefs are far more important to you than logic and reason.

I wrote this book to logically and intelligently explain to you why you simply can’t convince me your God exists. In other words, to trying and “convince” you why you’ll “never convince” me your God exists.* As I said earlier in this writing, the more you try to logically convince me your God exists, the more idiotic you sound.

* Trying to convince you that you can’t convince me your God exist is “not” trying to convince you that your God doesn’t exists believers! It should dawn on you that;

“Ah, this is why “I” can’t convince “him” my all-powerful, mighty, mighty God is sitting on a throne of thunder bolts in heaven!”

Meaning that you should have presented the existence of your God in a far more rational, logical and intelligent manner. Makes perfectly good sense to me, how about you?

This book covers your idiotic, illogical, ridiculous and senseless rationales when you try to convince me of your God’s existence, the idiotic teachings of his/your holy book, what I found during my research in regards to Jesus and the Christian denomination (I think it’s safe to say that you’re going to learn something about Christianity that you absolutely didn’t know before reading my book), and why you failed miserably to convert me to your belief system.

More importantly, please don’t misconstrue the intended ridicules and sarcasm in my writings as “anger” (as many readers of my writings tend to do), this is in spite of the fact that I inform them this isn’t the case (mentally challenged would be my guess).

I’m not angry (as you deceive yourself into believing). I’m just telling you like it is and how I perceive the situation in a tone that I feel is appropriate for the occasion and you’ll most likely understand. “Keeping it real” as we acknowledge in this day and age.

I ask you, with all sincerity, why should “I” become “angry” because:

1. “You” simply don’t possess the intelligence, knowledge and wisdom to “convince” me that your God exists?

Seems to me that you would become angry because you can’t “convince” me of something!

2. “You” failed to successfully defend against my challenge of summoning your God to present himself personally to confirm your claim of his existence and negate my claim that you’re nothing but a deceiving hypocritical liar?

Seems to me that you would become angry with your God for “not” presenting himself to confirm your claim of his existence and “prove” to me that you’re not lying! After all, he’s the one who have you running around like a chicken with its head cut off promoting his existence!

3. “You” failed to perform the idiotic deeds that Jesus himself claims that you can perform?

Seems to me that you would become angry because you “failed” to “perform” the idiotic deeds that Jesus claims you can perform, or angry at Jesus for making such idiotic claims!

4. “You failed miserably” to convince me that you’re not lying about the existence of your God?

Seems to me that you would become angry because you “failed miserably” to convince me that your God exists!

Now, after reading my writings, and in spite of all “your failures,” you sense that I’m “angry” (but simply ignore your failures. You never comment of these facts) because I’m presenting “your failures” in a tone that I feel is appropriate for the book I decided to write truthfully, honestly and from the heart? Where’s the logic?

In the real world,” it’s usually those who are failures at accomplishing something who are the ones that become “angry” because of their “failures.” Not those who are aware of ones failures! And therefore, why should I become “angry” because of “your” failures to try and convince me that your God exists? Keeping it real is what I’m doing, deceiving yourself (as usual) is what you’re doing! But anyway,

I sugar coat absolutely nothing to try to avoid hurting your feelings. After all, you don’t care about hurting my feelings by constantly insulting my intelligence, so why should I care about hurting your feelings by presenting the “fact” that you are indeed “ignorant” beyond the core? I do however; get upset with your constant display of ignorance, no doubt about that!

Another perfect example of your ignorance is as follow:

You show me pictures of your God’s creation of Adam and Eve; I take notice and realize your God created them with navels. Your God ignorantly created Adam and Eve, “the very first human beings, with navels?!” Where’s the logic?

“The navel, clinically known as the umbilicus (also known as the belly button), is a scar on the abdomen, caused when the umbilical cord is removed from a newborn baby. Navels are scars, and not in any way defined by genetics.” [2]

Therefore the presence of the navel, without an iota of doubt, clearly informs me that Adam and Eve “developed from an embryo to human beings” through conception, not through the “creation” of your God.

In other words, it was totally ignorant of your God to “create” Adam and Eve with navels (for obvious reasons) due to the simple fact that the navel is an “imperative necessity” that would have naturally evolved! This is obvious (you’re simply too ignorant to realize it!) because of the simple fact that the navel would have “naturally” appeared on the abdomen of their first newborn child! These facts pretty much blows the shit out of your creation theory!

Truth of the matter is simply this:

Since your forefathers (whom teachings you obviously follow), were ignorant of the evolutionary process, they rationalized and analyzed the entire body structure of both the male and female and came to the conclusion that this is exactly how their God “created the very first human beings.” However, not thinking intelligently, logically and wisely, they simply failed to realize that since “Adam and Eve” were “created” and not “conceived,” the navel wouldn’t have been a requirement during the creation process.

Since the “navel is a scar” that is acquired “after” human beings evolve from their mother’s womb, the most accurate, logical and intelligent course of action your forefathers and God should have taken when they “created” Adam and Eve would have obviously been to “create” them “without scars!” Adam and Eve’s “off-springs” are the only ones who should have “scars,” not them!

Your forefathers and God simply botched their “perfect” creation people, no doubt about it! I can accept this fact, why can’t you? Oops, no needs to answer, I already know! Please, by all means, continue to “believe otherwise if it strengthens your faith and beliefs,” I have absolutely no problem with you taking this route.

“For thousands of years before the advent of Christianity the Ancient World looked to Egypt as the seat of Spiritual Wisdom. With the rise of Rome and in a period of less than 300 years, the wisdom of Egypt was replaced with the ignorance of Christianity. Fear not what destroys the body. Fear the ignorance that consumes the soul.” [3]

Again, I’m not angry (far from it), I just simply refuse to embrace your idiotic form of logic, reason and rationale, that’s all!

Since your faith and beliefs aren’t based on facts, logic, reason and evidence, but instead, on your imperative passion to simply believe and have faith, I finally came to the realization that people of faith and beliefs are simply proud of their ignorance, implying that even if scientists present to you flawless evidence (and they most certainly can), that clearly proves the God you worship doesn’t exist and simply isn’t the creator of life as we know it, against all logicality, rationality and like little simple minded ass children, you would continue to adhere to your faith and beliefs. This is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

However, I vehemently refuse to allow you to use “reverse psychology” when all else fails to try and coerce me to “feel guilty, evil, sinful and wicked” (which is the true reason you have billions of followers) because you lack the intelligence, knowledge and wisdom to convince me your God exist. Because I enjoy and learn from the teachings of natural evolution and science, the pleasures of thinking logically, intelligently and wisely (the way nature intended), and detest the thought of believing and having faith in idiotic concepts that are ridiculous and senseless beyond the core to me.

The idiotic concepts that evolved from the mind of your God, whom I’ve never personally met a day in my life, who advise you to inform me that these are his idiotic teachings that I must accept to show my love and respect for him. The exact same idiotic concepts a master teach his slaves to keep them ignorant, in fear and loyal to him. In fact, through out history, religion, slaves and the God their masters introduce to them have always had a close and intimate relationship.

Well your God have earned my “golden middle finger award” and I’m advising you that I’ll continue to analyze the “ignorance” of these idiotic concepts that you and your God are propagating with great joy. And present to you, so that you can present to your God, there flaws and logical fallacies. Billions of people have allowed you to manipulate them; I refuse to allow you to manipulate me!

And just as you enjoy insulting my intelligence with your constant idiotic claim of the existence of your God, I simply enjoy using my intelligence, knowledge and wisdom to ridicule your irrational, illogical, abnormal thinking and hilarious beliefs! Because the truth of the matter is simply this people, I’d rather stand alone in the comfort of intelligence, knowledge and wisdom than to stand in unison with a bunch of idiots whose sole purpose in life is to “protect and perfect” their idiotic, primitive and barbaric faith and beliefs by any and all means necessary! This is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

4 thoughts on “Book Prologue

  1. Alison Gardner on said:

    Love the truth which ever way you get it! and eye so GOT IT… and some wont due to the fact that they are so far down the rabbit hole, bless them…

    What do you intend to do with the above?

  2. Aaron on said:

    Thats right man

  3. Jason Lee on said:

    Great points, but the truth is that many people argue the existence of their god for the purpose of holding onto ideas that are greater than their own. Humans, especially before the scientific revolution (and for some, maybe more so afterwards) require spirituality as a way of justifying their presence on earth and the reasons behind their actions. We are all weak in various existential ways and the ability to understand that a “god” is there watching over us and driving our lives forward gives many people a sense of direction and purpose. You can’t really fault people for seeking out a greater presence because it provides some sense of reason in such a confusing world!

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